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Wood Chip Smoking Pucks



Enjoy the smokey goodness you’ve been missing with these savory Smoking Wood Pucks. This pack of 9 contains the most popular aromatic woods. With 3 applewood, 3 maple and 3 hickory pucks, you’ll be set to raise your grill skills with smoky flavors. The pucks are compact and mess-free. Just soak in water, beer or juice to expand to nearly 2 cups worth of wood chips in only 1 minute. Smoked meats and veggies have never been so easy.

Key Features

  • set of 9
  • compact, no mess pucks are easy to store, carry, or pack for the beach
  • pucks expand to almost 2 cups of chips in just 1 minute
  • use water, beer, juice or wine to soak your chips
  • 3 (apple, maple & hickory) different aromatic woods for ultimate flexibility


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