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Snack Box



Adorable, durable, stackable snackables! These colorful little SAN plastic boxes fit the bill when it comes to walking around the house with a handful of munchies. No more walking around eating out of the bag like a horse, and no more walking around eating out of an overstuffed handful, leaving a trail of crumbs behind you like Hansel & Gretel. They're dishwasher safe, and when they come out clean, they stack together for minimal storage space. They come in four vibrant colors; citrus green , Pacific blue, tangerine and sapphire.

Key Features

  • sapphire
  • 3" x 2.75" x 3.9375”
  • iconic shaped individual snack bowls
  • guests won’t want to put it down!
  • made from SAN plastic for durability and versatility
  • fully stackable
  • dishwasher-safe

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